Install Great Windows Apps with Ninite -- at once

Installing "most wanted" utilities on a newly Windows based PC takes a lot of time and effort. You collect faviroute utilities roaming around differnet websites one by one. But there is a great new way of installing all your faviroute (59 applications) with a few clicks of mouse!

The free online site lets you pick those extra apps you always need to hunt around the web for when you do a clean install. It's even smart enough to avoid installing crapware such as unnecessary toolbars. So all you need to do is to select applications and have a cup of coffee or take a walk while it loads up all those applications.

This is how you save Ninite Installer File.

After saving, Double click to start installation process.

Ninite runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and works in the background 100% hands-free. The selection is pretty great, too, with many of the must-have apps we've fawned over in the past like VLC, Spotify, IrfanView, Paint.Net, uTorrent, and many more.

It also asks you to suggets more applications that they haven't included yet. All in all, it is a great way of installing software on your PC.

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