Cool websites to generate web traffic

Every body want to have maximum exposure and traffic to website. The more traffic you have the more are the chances of making money e.g., PPC, Sales etc.

Here, we are listing some great websites for your maximum business exposure.

YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. YouNoodle develops innovative ways to bring together the information, people and technology that help startups succeed. lists popular tweets for discounts posted on Twitter. The site is designed to actively search and categorize tweets with information about discounts. Users can then rate, bury or share discounts with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Businesses can promote discounts on Tweet Me Savings at no charge.

Concept Feedback

Getting ready to launch a brand new concept? Would you like to know what other professionals think before you release it to the world? Concept Feedback is designed specifically for you!
PickySite is a social networking site for webmasters and internet marketers. It is also a community of people sharing the same professional interests and discussing their life and work on its pages. The content of PickySite is defined solely by its members: web designers, web developers, SEO experts, internet marketers and other interesting people.


Bizual is the perfect online community for small business owners and freelancers. Attract new customers by creating special offers on your products and services. Find great deals on the things you need by taking advantage of special offers from the rest of the community. Receive valuable feedback from other members of the community to help improve your offers and the level of service you provide.


Be found in the most useful search engines on the internet - Create and manage your own web site - Expand your network to increase profits - Locate and research businesses quickly - Register and rate businesses - Share your network with friends and family


MyWikiBiz is a directory where you can author your legacy on the Internet. We think you are notable, even if Wikipedia has rejected an article about you or your enterprise as being “non-notable”. With MyWikiBiz, you create a beautiful, reader-friendly page that will get picked up by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search engines.

FacetoFace Health

FacetoFace Health is your trusted site for connecting one-on-one with others who share similar health experiences. Share your story, and find others, quickly and privately. Humanizing Healthcare - that’s what we do.

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