What is #followfriday on Twitter?

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#followfriday is a tag used on Twitter. It is a sort of networking that encourages users to refer their followers to interesting 'Tweeters' the first user is interested in or admires or thinks is particularly knowledgeable on a topic.

"Tweet the names of Twitter users you'd like others to follow and tag it with #followfriday"

Example2: (copy & paste following example for testing. Feel free to replace your friend names)

#followfriday cool friends @4th_July @christy_john @Dave_anderson1 @Chatting_Lady @Rose_Jack @Jenna_harry

The hash mark, or pound sign "#" is the symbol used to help tag posts for a particular term appear in search results.

FollowFriday is successful because of three main factors:

1. It’s easy. It takes little effort to send a tweet, something people do dozens of times a day.

2. It’s participatory. You don’t need to be part of the “Twitterati” to participate. You can suggest one person or 100 people. You can get endorsements from one person or a hundred people.

3. It’s a great feeling to simply say, “I think this person is great. You should follow them.”

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