How to Capture Screen / Window (snapshot) in Windows

Sometimes, while working on your computer, you need to save your Desktop, Screen or any open program/window snapshot (contents) to a file for future reference.

Although there are number of third-party utilities available to do this job, you can do it “for free” without purchasing extra software!

Here is how:

  • Open the Program / Window or Desktop, whichever you want to capture.

  • Once you are there, just Press “Print Screen” key on your keyboard.

  • What actually happens, your computer stores the snapshot of entire screen in memory and now you can save it as a file.

  • If you want to capture a specific window, then Press Alt and Print Screen together.

  • For the sake of an example, I am capturing the screen shot of popular 3D Pinball program, available in Windows, as follows,

  • Run 3D Pinball by Clicking “Start” ---> “Programs” ---> “Games” ---> “Pinball”

  • 3D-Pinball will start.

  • Now Press Alt and Print Screen together, to capture the 3D-Pinball screen. This way you save it in computer memory.

  • To save it as file, Run “Mspaint”

  • “Mspaint” program will start.

  • Click “Edit”, and Select “Paste”, to paste the captured screen/window into Mspaint program.

  • Your Mspaint program should look like this,

  • Finally, Open “File” and Select “Save” to save it as file on your computer.

  • While saving you may select any graphical file format from the list as shown,

Give it a try to save Entire Desktop, your favorite Webpage etc.


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